Julien Chopin Les Originelles Millésime

Julien Chopin Les Originelles Millésime

Code: CH.000010

Blend: 100% Chardonnay (Cuis, Grauves, Chouilly)
On base 2009.

Dosage: 7 g/l

Ageing: 4 years aged.

Eye: yellow quite melt with green shadows. The effervescence is quite thin and relieves itself regularly and quietly.

Nose: the first impression is quite intense, with scent of Mirabella, honey, brioche and melted butter. After leaving it breathe you can feel exotic fragrance and a bit of toffee, after a while flavors of dried fruit rise on a warm base.

Mouth: the approach is definitely fresh, the structure reveals itself suddenly. This Millésime is appreciable for its character, you don’t lose the freshness in tasting it and the expression is balanced. It’s noble, a bit acid and citrus fruity.