The Chopin family has settled in Monthelon since XVIII century and since then they have always worked the vineyards, however the brand Chopin was only created in 1947.

The vineyards are placed between the southern Hills of Epernay, where Pinot Meunier rules (Monthelon, Mancy and Moussy villages), and the Côte des Blancs, that is considered the Chardonnay realm, precisely in Chouilly, Cuis and Grauves villages.

Monthelon is a typical Champenois town, all surrounded by vineyards whose characteristics have been known since 845 as demonstrated in some old documents asserting the virtues of Champagne produced by Hincmar, the archbishop of Reims.

The Chopin Maison works the vineyard respecting all the traditions and following organic farming methods in order to save the grapevine and the environment.