Breton Fils Cuvée des Tonnelieres

Breton Fils Cuvée des Tonnelieres

Code: CH.000026

Blend: 70% Pinot Noir 30% Chardonnay.
On base 2008.

Dosage: 9 g/l

Ageing: Minimum 6 years in cellars.

Appearance: as soon as this champagne is served aroma of red fruits blooms. A golden color champagne with fine bubbles that constitute a persistent cordon.

Nose: We perceive raspberries, blackberries, a drop of black currant and notes of vine peach.

Palate: These aromas reveal themselves inside the mouth. Nice, sweet, fruity, the perception in mouth is friendly and warm. The texture is silky.

Cellars’ Master Comments
This prestigious champagne will perfectly accompany the important events of the life.

Food pairing
Smoked salmon and toast.