Breton Fils Brut

Breton Fils Brut Tradition

Code: CH.000019

Blend: 1/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Pinot Meunier and 1/3 Chardonnay
On base 2011.

Dosage: 9 g/l

Ageing: minimum 3 years in cellar.

Appearance: it’s light-yellow in color with a very fine cordon of golden bubbles.

Nose: this champagne is fruity with subtle predominance of plum brandy and candied fruit.

Palate: full bodied, structured and graceful, it’s characterized by a burning and smiling vitality that covers the palate of fresh fruits fragrance.

Cellars’ Master Comments

It’s a balanced graceful wine suitable for drinking as an aperitif or for accompanying desserts

Food pairing: this Champagne accompanies wonderfully each kind of dessert, it’s perfect with a "chocolate charlotte", an "opera" or a tart with pear and almonds.