Established at Villers-sous-Châtillon, in the heart of the Marne Valley since 1809, and benefiting from a wealth of ancestral expertise, the Maison “A.D.Coutelas” champagnes are an ambassador for authenticity and tradition.
For eight generations, the Coutelas family have cultivated the art of the vine, day after day passing on a unique expertise, based on a wealth of experience, skills and passion.
With their roots in the greatest of Champagne terroirs, the Coutelas vineyards take their identity from the cultivation of three grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier), thus offering a spectrum of subtle aromas, featuring the unique influences of this region.
The environment and the vineyards are precious, and for this reason, Maison Coutelas manage them in a respectful and sustainable fashion using organic methods.


The beginnings of Coutelas Champagne were acted out in the vineyards since 1809.
Louis Victor Coutelas founded the Maison Coutelas.
Christened with the name of one of the family’s ancestors, the Louis Victor cuvée is the symbol of Coutelas champagnes and the expression of its tradition.
Since then, eight generations of men and women of character, passionate about the craft of winemaking, have succeeded each other...
Today the Coutelas family continue the search for excellence through Damien and Angélique Coutelas, representatives of the 8th generation.
The fundamental values of the Maison: Authenticity, quality and tradition.